Blank Metal Tags for Stamping

Blank Metal Tags for Stamping

There are many methods for marking blank tags with custom information. From in-house stamping by hand, to thousands of tags run through a stamping press – there is a solution for every custom marking need.

What is Stamping?

Stamping is a durable marking process used for marking metal nameplates.

There are two main types of stamping: hand stamping, and stamping using a press.

Hand Stamping

Hand stamping is one of the most commonly used methods for marking blank metal tags in-house.

A metal stamp is placed on the surface of the metal tag and then struck with a hammer. The stamps can be held by hand or placed into a holder for more consistent marking.

This leaves a clear and permanent indentation in the metal substrate. Unlike surface printing, stamping is a long lasting solution as it is marked directly into the material itself.

Sets of hand stamps can be purchased at a relatively inexpensive price point. These typically include a full set of characters and numbers in a given font.

This can be used for marking equipment for repairs and inspections.

Stamping Press

While hand stamping is great for marking a few tags, it’s not possible to mark several thousand at a time by hand. For large quantities of nameplates with custom information, organizations turn to manufacturers with stamping presses.

An industrial type stamping press is used to repeatedly strike the tags. The press houses a highly durable stamp which can be struck in fast succession.

Custom stamps are also made to embed designs outside of basic characters and number sets.

Benefits to Stamping In-House

There are many benefits to marking tags in house versus ordering via a custom tag manufacturer.

The ability to mark information on an as-needed basis is crucial for many organizations. They may not know what information will go on the tag until it needs to be marked and put in place. They simply do not have time to wait for a manufacturer to produce and ship the parts.

Essentially it allows for quick and simple identification on-the-fly as needed.

Other In-House Marking Processes


Embossing differs from stamping in that it creates a raised impression (stamping indents the information). Instead of a basic stamp, embossing uses a die set striking both sides of the blank.

In-house embossing relies on the use of an auto-feed embossing machine. This is an alternative from hand stamping for organizations which need to mark larger quantities in an efficient manner.

Blank Metal Tags for Stamping

Embossing machines require flat blank tags to prevent jamming or other mechanical issues. Unlike the low barrier to entry for stamping, embossing in-house requires a more substantial initial investment.

While the machines cost thousands of dollars, this can be significantly more cost effective for organizations than constantly reordering small quantities of custom tags.

Etching/Engraving/Dot Peen Marking

Outside of the basic marking processes, there are other alternatives which organizations employ. Some companies invest in their own laser etching or engraving.

Dot peen marking machines provide another option for marking. These machines repeatedly strike the blank with a stylus-like tool to create a custom dotted design.

While these processes are suitable for some situations, they are not a one-size-fits-all. Etching is less durable than stamping. Engraving is time consuming. Dot peen marking is limited in design options.

The best marking solution is one that fits your organization’s specific needs.


A few examples of industries which utilize hand stamping to mark their blank metal tags include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Warehousing
  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Supply Chain
  • Many More


How you will mark your blank tags is a key consideration when ordering. Stamping provides easy to read and long-lasting marking solution.

Using hand stamps allows for in-house marking, while industrial manufacturers can run thousands of tags at a cost effective price.

Knowing your application will help in selecting the best identification marking solution.

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