Blank Inspection Tags: Track Inspections and Repairs

Blank Inspection Tags: Track Inspections and Repairs

Blank tags are not only used for marking equipment and tracking inventory. Blanks are commonly used for equipment inspections.

Using Tags for Inspections

Tags can be marked by inspectors, or provide information that will be useful during the inspection. For example, the date a piece of machinery was last inspected. This can be added every year by the inspector, or added by the organization as a point of reference.

The blank nameplates can also be marked with numbers for tracking purposes. This can include labeling specific assets which need fixed, or keeping track of progress through an internal inspection.

Any relevant information can be added, which is what makes blank metal tags a versatile solution.


Inspection tags are used for nearly any application that requires inspections.

  • Well Permit Tags
  • Equipment Nameplates
  • Warehouse Labeling
  • Utility Pole Tags
  • And More

Marking Blank Inspection Tags

Embossing Machine

Auto-feed embossing machines are one of the most efficient and effective methods for marking blank inspection tags. By providing the information into the system, tags will automatically be pulled into the machine and stamped with a raised character die set.

These machines make adding information to blank nameplates much easier and significantly less time consuming.

Embossing Machine Tags

They can be used to add sequential numbering to a set of tags. This is commonly done to provide a basic asset tracking system for inspections.

For example, if there is a problem with valve #87, the inspector can make note. This allows workers to quickly identify which valves need repaired or replaced.

There are some limitations in terms of tag sizes, shapes, and materials. In addition, tags used in an auto-feeding machine will need to be made flat, otherwise they risk jamming the equipment.

Hand Stamps

For marking small quantities of tags at a time, hand stamping is an effective alternative. As equipment is inspected or needs marked, the nameplate can be struck, providing a clear indentation.

This allows organizations to mark equipment and other assets on the fly, and not have to wait for a machine to run.

Hand stamping is great for internal inspections, as they can be marked as needed by workers.

Handheld Engraving Tools

Similarly to hand stamping, handheld engraving tools provide a basic method for marking tags by hand. The device creates a light indentation in the metal material, allowing for the design to show.

Also suitable for internal inspections, these tools allow for any information to be marked.


If you can think of an industry, there is a very high chance they utilize some form of inspection tags.

Here are just a few of numerous examples:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Warehousing
  • Energy
  • And Many More!


Selecting the right blank tag essentially means selecting the right material. Materials are important as they can affect not only the durability but also how effective the marking process will be.

For example, an embossing machine may work better with one type of material versus another, or an engraving tool might mark clearer on aluminum than brass.

Some of the most commonly used materials for blank tags include:

Selecting the right material comes down to the application and environment which they will be used in. If a nameplate is going to be used in an outdoor all-weather environment, you may want to stick for the most durable options. However, an indoor application may not require such considerations.

There is also some aesthetic preferences involved. For example, some companies prefer labeling their equipment with brass for the golden/vintage appearance. Again, it just comes down to what you want the tag to be.

Wrap Up

Blank inspection tags are an important way for many organizations to keep their equipment up-to-code. By having the ability to mark tags as needed, they can update machines with the most recent inspection date, or simply track inspections through the process.

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