What Are Blank Metal Asset Tags? A Comprehensive Guide

What Are Blank Metal Asset Tags? A Comprehensive Guide

What Are Blank Metal Asset Tags? A Comprehensive Guide

What are metal asset tags? They're a cheap and easy way to manage your equipment, tools, and other assets.

What can they do for your company? They can save you from wasting time and money on costly mistakes.

Below, we have the definitive guide to answer all your metal asset tag questions. Read on to learn the common uses and benefits of using metal asset labels.

What Are Metal Asset Tags?

Metal asset tags are sturdy, durable identification labels for your equipment and other assets in your inventory. Usually, they are made of anodized aluminum and come with an adhesive backing.

They can be labeled however you like. But they're most often used to display barcodes and/or identification numbers.

The Uses and Benefits of Metal Asset Tags

There are four main uses for metal asset tags. Here's what they can do for your company.

Equipment Tracking

Does your equipment or assets ever go missing? Metal asset tags can help with that.

The barcode on the asset tag can help you track the location of any asset. If the asset is scanned each time it is used and put away, you'll always know where it is. Just make sure employees are consistent with checking equipment in and out.

Precise Inventory Management

"Wait, did I count that one already?" If you have to ask this question when auditing your inventory, then you'll also have to start all over. What a waste of time.

Without identification tags, assets of the same type all look the same. Then, if some of these assets are not stored where they belong, you won't know which ones they are, if they're in use or lost, who had them last, and how many are unaccounted for.

On the other hand, tagged assets are always accounted for. If assets are away from their home, you'll know which ones are missing and who had them last.

Furthermore, metal tags are durable. They won't wear off no matter how much or how heavily they're used.

Loss Prevention

On average, businesses lose 7% of their annual revenue to employee theft or fraud. Fortunately, anyone attempting to steal your equipment will find that difficult if it has your company's tag on it.

That's especially true of asset tags with upgraded security features. This includes tamper-evident asset tags and tags with RFID tracking technology.

But, aside from intentional theft, sometimes assets are taken accidentally. Assets that are exchanged back and forth through many departments of a business can easily end up in the wrong place.

An untagged asset from your department might be accidentally appropriated by another department. Without a proper label, how is anyone to know it belongs in your department?

Accurate MRO Status

Lastly, metal asset tags are the most accurate way to keep track of the maintenance, repair, and operation status of your equipment. In fact, if a lot of your equipment was purchased at different times, tags are essential for keeping track of maintenance schedules.

The tags also let you know the lifespan of each piece of equipment when one of them dies. Then, you'll know about how much time you have until the rest of them expire.

Get Metal Asset Tags

The benefits listed above speak for themselves. If you aren't currently using metal asset tags, start now.

Now, learn how to track inspections and repairs with blank inspection tags.

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