How Blank Tags Are Used to Mark Industrial Tools

How Blank Tags Are Used to Mark Industrial Tools

The industrial tools you purchase for your business are a significant investment. Thieves know that, too! How can you reduce the risk of theft or loss? It can get expensive to replace tools that go missing. 

Metal tags are the ideal way to attach valuable information to your tools and equipment. Whether you stamp or emboss your tags with information about your tools, attaching a metal tag to your tools can prevent theft and help you keep track of every device in your shop. 

Here's how you can use blank tags to upgrade the tools in your work space. 

A Durable Tracking Device

Industrial tools and equipment have to keep working through rough conditions. From harsh cleansers to high heat and long days, industrial-grade tools have to keep up with dangerous working conditions to get the job done.

Paper identification tags won't work in an industrial environment. You need metal tool tags to keep up with the daily conditions your tools and equipment endure. 

Marking blank tags with identification information gives you a durable tracking device. They can withstand:

  • Extreme heat or cold
  • Damp conditions
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Sweat
  • Damage from drops or everyday wear-and-tear
  • Sun damage

Metal tags don't tear, and the information stamped on each tag won't smear or degrade over time. 

Difficult to Remove

A tool that thieves can't sell makes it worthless to anyone other than you. Thieves will have a difficult time removing a metal tag fastened to your equipment with metal chains. Welding a metal tag onto your tools makes it more difficult to remove than chains or other metal fasteners.

How Blank Tags Are Used to Mark Industrial Tools

When your identifying information goes everywhere, your tools and equipment become less attractive to criminals. Even the most determined thief will attempt to steal and sell heavy machinery if the going price is worth it. Your tool identification tags can deter theft for profit. 

Easy To Identify

Theft isn't the only way you can lose tools or heavy equipment. Sometimes they disappear or becomes misplaced without ill intentions. If you bring your tools to another work site, you risk mixing your tools in with other equipment without a metal tag attached to it. 

Blank equipment tags give you space to put your company's name, an equipment number, and your contact information on each tool and piece of equipment. Wherever your tools go, the tag goes with them. 

Document the Usage

A shiny new tool won't last forever. Using metal tags makes it easier to label and track the lifetime of each piece of equipment that keeps your business running. Track each tool's start date, maintenance, and any incidents when the tool malfunctions or shows signs that it needs replacement. 

Use Blank Tags to Keep Your Tools Safe

Blank tags make it easy to put unique identification information on every tool and piece of equipment in your shop or warehouse. U.S. Quick Tags has the best selection of tags for any tool. Click to shop different materials, shapes, and thicknesses to find the best type of metal tags for your inventory of industrial tools. 


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