Quick Guide to Metal Cable Ties

Quick Guide to Metal Cable Ties

Cable ties are used to identify electric cables, hydraulic hoses, pipes and much more. Blank cable ties allow users to mark information on-site as needed. This serves to reduce lead times and allows for quick and easy identification.

Cable ties are a tag made with a body, tail, and a slot. This gives cable ties the unique ability to be wrapped around a cylindrical object. The tail slides through the slot and bends back over the part to keep it in place.

Quick Guide to Metal Cable Ties

On-site marking also allows for reduced overhead versus purchasing pre-marked cable ties in large volumes and carrying the inventory until you need it.

With simple sets of hand stamps you can send installers on site with blank tags, and they can knock out the necessary information reducing pre-planning timing, sorting, and storing a wide range of cable ties in their truck. This also saves the added cost if an installer needs to return to the office to gather missing cable ties.

Blank metal cable ties can be used in a wide range of applications saving time and money while creating easy to read markings. From marking product numbers on hoses and pipes, to organizing cables the opportunities are endless.


Like all metal tags, durability is a key factor in whether or not a specific process or material will be sufficient for your application.

Aluminum cable ties are typically the easiest to handle without much effort or protective gear.  These soft aluminum tags are easy to bend, and can be used multiple times. If you get cable ties for marking objects with various diameters, the aluminum tails are easily snipped off with tools found in most tool boxes.

If you need something for a highly corrosive environment you may want to consider stainless steel cable ties. While these take a little more effort to bend, they can still be done by hand. It may be best to use gloves if you are trying to get a very tight fit.

Brass cable ties are often used in electric applications. These are great as brass has a very low conductivity rating.

If your work involves chemicals, it is possible they could come into contact with the ties. Unless the chemicals are extreme or disintegrate metal, you are generally pretty safe (depending on the material).

Marking Options

The most common method of marking cable ties is with hand stamps.

Hand stamps allow the versatility to mark variable data anytime and anywhere. These stamps are economical, so multiple sets can be purchased for different operators, departments, or installers as needed.

Need to mark high volumes with part numbers or other constant data? Machine stamping is another popular choice. By using a type holder and a hand press you can mark higher volumes in house saving time and money.

Laser marking is another method some organizations choose as most metals can be laser marked. This is a great solution, especially for smaller volumes or variable data as the data can be easily changed.

Depending on the laser you have in-house, it may limit the options of the types of metals you can use.

Quick Guide to Metal Cable Ties


Almost any industry can utilize cable ties. Marking cables, hoses, pipes, electrical lines, and more is simple with these ties.

Marking information may seem like not a big deal, but it can have massive benefits. For example, nuclear power plants use cable ties to mark the cables through the plant. If two cable that don’t go together are connected, it could cause an immediate shut down of the entire plant costing millions of dollars.

Additionally, they are able to provide essential information at the same time. Even something as simple as a warning message or a service number to call can make a big difference.

Some examples of industries which rely on cable ties:

  • Aerospace
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Power Generation
  • And More


Cable ties are a requirement for many industries. They are crucial in providing critical data in a wide range of applications and environments.

Blank metal cable ties allow for marking custom information on-site as needed. This saves time and money. Providing lasting support while providing information.

On top of that, they have the durability to excel even in the toughest conditions, while still remaining usable (and legible). Metal cable ties can be the perfect solution for your needs.

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