Add Color With Anodized Aluminum Blanks

Add Color With Anodized Aluminum Blanks

Anodized aluminum blanks are one of the most versatile solutions for identification marking. Lightweight aluminum coupled with the durability provided by anodization makes for a highly effective ID solution. Color can be added to these tags opening up new opportunities.

Whether you need to mark valves, your inventory, or a new piece of equipment; anodized aluminum blank tags are one of the best solutions.

Anodized Aluminum


Anodization is an electrolytic passivation process designed to increase durability and functionality of aluminum material.

Aluminum is a popular metal option due to its lightweight yet sturdy characteristic. For applications that require increased durability to coincide, anodization provides a push in that direction.


When it comes to industrial applications, durability is crucial. Aluminum material on its own is a highly durable substrate, but when treated with the anodization process becomes even more resilient.

Add Color With Anodized Aluminum Blanks

With this process comes added resistance to scratching as well as corrosion. For identification solutions this is important as wear and tear can leave a nameplate illegible or otherwise unusable.


Another stand-out benefit to anodization is the ability to add color to the material. This is one of the preferred ways to use colored metal as it provides the benefit without sacrificing durability.

Add Color With Anodized Aluminum Blanks

Adding color to anodized aluminum tags is not solely for a different aesthetic. From color coding to company branding, there is also a great deal of added functionality as well.


Anodized aluminum blanks are used by a wide range of industries. Some examples include:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • And more!


Blank metal tags are typically marked in-house. This is the preferred option when your organization won’t know the information going on the tags in advance. Marking in-house provides the freedom to mark tags as needed.

The blanks are marked with hand stamps, portable marking devices, or used in an embossing machine. One important note is that the blanks must be flat tags if they are going to be used in an auto-feed style embossing machine. This is to prevent jamming or other issues.


Asset Marking and Identification

The most common application for these tags is asset marking and identification. Equipment, tools, and machinery all need marked with some type of information.

Organizations across the board rely on metal identification due to the permanence. You mark your machine once, and don’t have to worry about it anymore. Whereas other marking methods may need to be repeated every few months depending on the amount of wear.

Color Coding

In addition, color coding is a simple but effective way to mark your assets. With just a quick glance, equipment can be identified and distinguished.

This works even at a distance or in a poorly lit environment. Many organizations use this to identify various valve types or add stand out safety messaging. (I.e. blue tags for pipes containing water).

Color can also be used for branding or property marking. For example, marking equipment with your company info and showcasing your company color as well.

Tag Options

There are a wide range of anodized aluminum blank tags available.

This includes various options:

  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Thickness
  • Holes v. No Holes
  • Shapes

It really just comes down to your application and preferences.


Anodized aluminum blanks are an excellent solution for many industries. They provide long-lasting identification tags which are able to withstand tough industrial environments.

The ability to add color to the material creates new possibilities for applications, while in-house marking allows for streamlined tagging.

If you are looking for a one-size-fits all type solution, it is hard to go wrong with anodized blanks tags.

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