What to Put On Military Dog Tags

What to Put On Military Dog Tags

Military dog tags are worn officially by members of the military, but might also be used by other people for various reasons. They're easily recognized by their shape, a rectangle with rounded corners, and their distinctive name makes them well-known too. If you are ordering dog tags, you might wonder what exactly you should put on them.

A dog tag has some information that is traditionally included on it, but you could put whatever you want on your dog tags if you wanted to. Before you order some custom dog tags, it's worth giving some thought to what you really want to have embossed on them. 

Official Military Identification Tags Information

What to Put On Military Dog Tags


An official military dog tag has certain information on it, and there are typically two identical tags included on one long chain. The term dog tag comes from their resemblance to tags dogs have on their collars. And they also have a similar purpose, enabling military personnel to wear identification tags with important information about them. They are intended to help with battlefield identification, making it easier to identify military personnel if they are severely injured or die during war.

Dog tags have a long history. They date back to the Civil War and have been used in major conflicts such as World War II and the Vietnam era. Army dog tags have included various information throughout the years, including the name of the wearer, their blood type and other essential basic medical information, religious preference, and service number.

Today, standardized dog tags issued by everyone from the US navy to the Coast Guard include the name, blood type, religious preference, and social security number (SSN) of the wearer. The dog tag might also state the military branch the wearer belongs to (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard). Religious preference would previously have been one of a few religions, but people can now have any religion or lack thereof, including "No Preference" or Atheist. This basic information is printed on two dog tags so one tag can be kept with the person or their body and the second tag, with the same information, can be taken for record-keeping.

Military dog tags are typically worn on a ball chain and made from stainless steel. Some military personnel may also be issued with an extra tag if they require specific medical information. For example, they might have certain allergies or a specific medical condition that needs to be highlighted.

Outside of the US, you will also find that many other armed forces also make use of dog tags. However, they might come in different shapes and feature slightly different information in different formats. They will typically include similar information and often have duplicate tags, though. Most identification tags worn will have the service member's name or initials, service number or military serial number, their particular religion, blood type, and their military branch.

Alternative Things to Put on a Dog Tag

What to Put On Military Dog Tags


There might be other things that you want to put on a dog tag if you are ordering them for personal use. Metal dog tags can be embossed with whatever you want, as long as it fits on the tag. You can have them made in the traditional oval shaped tag or perhaps order them with a short chain, or you could stick with the typical military-style dog tags.

Important Information About You

You could be inspired by military dog tags and include important information on your dog tags. You could have your name and emergency contact information, as well as important medical information. This can be a good idea for anyone with certain medical conditions, perhaps as an alternative to a medic alert bracelet. Or you might wear identification tags if you work in a risky profession or even if you travel a lot.

Meaningful Quotes

Another option for your dog tags could be to have a meaningful quote printed on them. This could be something that's special to you that you want to carry with you. Or it might even be a mantra that you want to remember every day. For example, some people in addiction recovery might like to have an affirmation that helps them to keep going and stay in the right frame of mind.

Dog Tags from or for a Loved One

What to Put On Military Dog Tags


Dog tags can be a touching gift for someone you love or from a loved one. It could be something you give your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or someone else who is special to you. Dog tags could have a special date stamped on them or some loving words marking an occasion such as an anniversary or just expressing love and devotion.

Family Names

You could also stamp the names of family members on your dog tags. Your children's names could be perfect, for example, so you can carry them with you wherever you go. You could have a quote too, which defines your relationship or your love for each other.

Sports Affiliations

If you have a sports team you love, they could inspire your dog tags too. You might choose to have a team name, logo, motto, or something else related to your team on your dog tags. Or if you have any other hobbies, you might choose something that links to that to put on your dog tags.

Dog Tag Accessories

What to Put On Military Dog Tags


You can also think about how to accessorize your dog tags to complete the look. Once you've chosen the metal that you want to use and what you want to have stamped or printed on it, you can think about what else to add. Firstly, you might want to choose a chain. It could be a classic ball chain like military dog tags or you could explore some other options for a different style or something more delicate. Alternatively, you can put your dog tags on a keyring. Another accessory you could use is a silencer to go around the tags, which helps to prevent them from clinking together.

Your military dog tags can say anything that you want, from standard identification information to something more fun and personal.

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