What Information Can Be Added to Blank Tags?

What Information Can Be Added to Blank Tags?

Blank metal tags are essentially a blank canvas waiting for marking to be made. Uses range from marking tools to equipment and other assets.

Many organizations choose to add their own designs to tags. However, in some cases it can make more sense for a company to mark their tags with a custom manufacturer.

With access to a variety of marking methods, many types of information can be added to blank tags.

Basic Characters

The most common type of information marked on blank metal tags is simple basic characters. Basic text marking including letters and numbers is used for nearly any usage you can imagine.

Marking assets with serialized numbers or custom names helps fulfill many needs for organizations.

Basic character marking does not require specialized or expensive marking equipment. It is simple enough that it can be done with basic hand stamps and a hammer.

Small size operated stamping presses can also create these impressions with a little bit more efficiency.

For larger quantities of blank marking, automated machines are a life-saver. Embossing machines can crank out large quantities of blank tags with basic information. These devices are all limited to standard characters, making them perfectly suited for this type of need.

Custom Characters and Designs

Custom Hand Stamps

If your organization needs a custom design on your tags, one method for incorporating these designs is with a custom stamp. Custom hand stamps can be made but will be extremely costly and probably not worth the investment. It may be cheaper to go with a tag marking manufacturer at that point.

Laser Etching & Engraving

Laser etching and engraving machines are another option for fully customizable designs. These devices can essentially cut or mark any 2D design.

Investing in a laser marking machine might make sense for organizations that need full custom designs marked in house.

Dot Peen Marking

Dot peen marking machines are another popular option, as these devices have the ability to create QR codes. QR codes are storage solutions for information within the confines of a small metal tag.

Marking your blank tags with a QR code can lead to a great deal of efficiency for industrial type organizations.

Upfront cost of a marking device needs to be considered before going down this route however. Steel hand stamps are typically inexpensive, and will last forever.

The last option is to utilize a custom tag manufacturer’s capabilities.

Their services include items such as:

  • Photo anodization
  • Etching
  • Engraving
  • Screen Printing
  • And More

These manufacturers can include designs such as QR codes, image designs, and more.

For organizations which will only mark a few tags here or there, hand stamps are more than sufficient. These tools will create an indentation in just a quick smack.

Those that need to mark hundreds or even more nameplates on a regular basis should turn to an automated device such as an embossing machine. This is simply a more efficient process.

Embossing machines help fit that middle ground between a large scale production run, and a few tags marked by hand.


Marking blank tags in house is an effective way for organizations to save time and money. With the ability to add nearly any type of information to a blank, the possibilities are truly endless. Organizations which utilize thousands of tags are better suited for custom tag manufacturing.

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