Attaching Blank Tags Via Welding

Attaching Blank Tags Via Welding

Welding Blank Tags

Deciding on an attachment method is an important step in the consideration process for blank metal tags. Knowing the ins and outs of your application is crucial in making sure you select the right marking process, material type, size, and thickness.

For permanent marking, one of the most common attachment methods is welding.


If permanent attachment is your goal for your identification, a very useful option is to weld your tags to directly to the object being marked.

For example, boilers or other pressure vessel typically feature welded plates, as opposed to those which are bolted or adhered on.

Attaching Blank Tags Via Welding

This allows for a permanent marking structure which is affixed to the equipment for the lifetime of its usage. Boilerplates specifically are even marked with new information over a period of time if necessary.

This gets rid of the requirement for additional hardware, and eliminates the risk of your hardware failing or your tag falling off.


Depending on your welding expertise or the type of equipment you use, there may be restrictions on which material to use. Thicker material is often a must for the welding process, which may need to be considered when selecting the correct style of blank.

In addition, welding is not right for every application, as certain machinery or tools may be damaged or not function correctly if welded onto. Check with the manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting to weld to any type of equipment or tool you are unsure about.

It also wouldn’t make sense to weld a very large metal plate onto a small sized tool or part. Those instances might be better suited for another attachment method such as adhesive backing or even hardware attachment.


If you are looking for a permanent attachment solution for a metal nameplate, welding is typically an option to consider.

Directly welding the metal tag to the desired surface eliminates the risk of screws coming loose or adhesive wearing out.

Keep in mind that metal identification products are manufactured with a large variety of materials. Some materials may be better to weld. It depends on the environment, material, and process.

At the end of the day, it comes back to the specific application in which you are utilizing your blank tags.

Know your application inside and out first to help determine if welding blank tags is the best option for you.

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