Your Guide to Blank Tags and the Manufacturing Industry

Your Guide to Blank Tags and the Manufacturing Industry

If you're in the manufacturing industry, you understand the investment it takes to maintain the proper tools and equipment to keep things moving. Expensive equipment requires great care, including using metal tags to monitor equipment and keep an eye on every tool used in the manufacturing of your products.

From machine parts to medical devices and other parts or pieces to support a variety of industries, you lose time and money if a piece of equipment disappears. Without a tag to help identify your equipment, it's challenging to keep an accurate inventory. 

Here's how blank tags can help you mark your equipment and stay efficient!

For Identification

Losing a piece of equipment to theft is expensive. Whether an employee accidentally loses a tool or thieves make off with some of your critical machinery, your business suffers a financial loss to replace missing items. 

Your business suffers, too. Manufacturers support the supply chain. End-users depend on your company to manufacture the parts they need to run their businesses. If you lose a machine that you can't recover, your partners and end-users lose money, too. 

With equipment marking tags, your equipment becomes more difficult to steal. A metal tag is difficult to remove. Each tag can contain your company's information and an inventory number that tracks back to your manufacturing facilities. 

If an employee misplaces a tool, the finder can return it to you if it has a metal tag with your business information on it. 

For Repair and Maintenance

Keeping your machines and equipment in good working condition is critical to maintaining your manufacturing volume and schedule. When a machine goes down without warning, everything stops. 

Metal equipment tags help you keep an inventory and maintenance log for every tool and machine on your manufacturing floor. Use metal tags to identify machines and plan your manufacturing workload and deadlines around scheduled maintenance for machines. 

For Parts and Pieces

Add a blank metal tag to the parts and pieces you manufacture. Your buyers can then add their information to the tags on the pieces that you provide to them.

This is helpful for manufacturers in the medical equipment industry and many other industries. Your manufacturing process can make it easy for your end-users to have a metal tag to stamp and log the parts you make. By affixing metal tags during the manufacturing process, you provide a valuable service and a blank tag that's less likely to separate from a part or piece. 

For Longevity

Metal tags can withstand a variety of circumstances, from high heat to low temperatures, dampness, and chemicals. Whether marking your equipment or providing tags on the parts going to your consumers, metal tags will stand up to potential damage from shipping and wear-and-tear from regular use. 

Blank Tags Provide Security

Don't risk losing expensive manufacturing equipment. Using blank tags help you keep track of your equipment in a way that can hold up under the extreme conditions of your manufacturing work space. 

To find the ideal tags for your needs, shop our selection! 

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