Aluminum Blank Metal Tag - .032" x 1" x 4.5" - Two Holes

Aluminum Blank Metal Tag - .032" x 1" x 4.5" - Two Holes

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  • Vendor:US Quick Tags

Material: Aluminum

Tag Shape: Radius

Tag Thickness: .032”

Tag Height: 1”

Tag Length: 4.5”

Hole Locations from Center: 0.187”

Hole Size Diameter: 0.156"


Durable Aluminum Construction

Aluminum tags handle a wide range of environments, ensuring your information lasts. It works for outdoor tags since it resists rusting and corrosion, but it works just as well for indoor applications. Lightweight and bright, aluminum makes custom information easy to read without adding much weight to tools and equipment.

Even though it's lightweight, aluminum offers enough durability to handle tough industrial environments. The 0.032-inch thickness on these metal tags keeps them firm and rigid to ensure they stay how you want them.

Customized Information

The completely blank tag lets you customize information, including serial numbers, custom identification numbers, names and contact information. You can use it to mark tools, equipment and other business assets. At 1 inches by 4.5 inches, these tags have ample room to include information.

Add important data to the tags using hand stamping, laser marking, machine embossing or engraving. Keeping these blank tags on hand means you can quickly create one-off custom tags as you need them so you never have to wait for custom-marked tags.

Secure Attachment

These aluminum tags come with two holes so they're ready to be mounted without additional drilling. Two holes on each tag let you attach it securely with screws, bolts, wires or metal cable ties, depending on the application. With two points of attachment, your tags stay put to ensure the information is always available when needed.

With the US Quick Tags blank aluminum metal tag, you can quickly and easily customize information to mark all of your business assets with a tag that holds up in the toughest environments.